Automation (Non Stop - The Mix)

Jon Herd

Radio Hillingdon is run solely by unpaid volunteers. This means our presenting team don't have to present programmes unless they want to. There are times in the day when no one is available to present a programme. So what do we do?

When our station started in 1970 we would switch back to BBC Radio 2 when we couldn't present a show ourselves. Technology has come a long way since then and we now broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How do we do this?

In one word a computer. We have a large selection of records stored on a very large hard drive. We also have pre-recorded shows that can be transmitted when no one else is available. These are used during the night and at times when members are at work.

NON STOP - THE MIX is actually our computer randomly playing records, identification jingles and community adverts. It even switches in Sky News on the hour and then switches back to our scheduled programmes when the News is finished. The whole thing is run by Chris Green who is our Head of Music

Some of our pre-recorded programmes are NEARLY LIVE, meaning they are recorded a few hours before they are transmitted. These are made by members who for some reason can't attend the studio at their normal show time and so will come in early to record their show for later transmission that day. If you look at the Studio Cams you will often see a live show going out from Studio 1 while Studio 2 is used either for training, recording trailers/adverts or the recording of another show to be transmitted at a later time.

Some members don't live near our studios and so will record their shows elsewhere and send them in for transmission later in the day.